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How do I reschedule my flight?
To reschedule your flight, log on to, click manage booking, enter your PNR and last name and click on find reservation, when the ticket opens, click exchange ticket to choose your preferred flight time and date.
How do I change my contact details on my ticket?
To change your details, Log on to, click manage booking, enter your PNR and last name and click on find reservation, when the ticket opens, click on edit customer information to change details. Please note that customer name cannot be changed.
Do I need to show my ATM card at the airport before boarding?
No, you only need to provide a photo ID at the check-in counter.
When do I need to get to the airport for my flight?
You need to be at the airport at least 1hour 30 minutes before your flight as check-in counter closes 30minutes to your flight time and boarding gate closes 10 minutes before flight time.
Can I fly with my puppy?
Only animals which appears to be in good health condition and fit to travel will be accepted. Also, pets should be at least 8 weeks old before they can be accepted.
Can I travel with foodstuff?
Yes you can, but it should be properly packed and put in your check-in luggage.
Can a pregnant woman fly with Dana Air?

All pregnant women are to present a medical report at check-in certifying that they are fit to fly. Pregnant women over 32 weeks are NOT fit to fly.


How can I register for the Dana Miles loyalty program?
You can register on or by sending us a mail on
Does Dana Air accept Passengers with Reduced mobility?(PRM)
Yes we do but we can only accommodate a maximum of 2 PRM’s per flight. It is also important that it is indicated at the point of booking so adequate provisions can be made.
What policy does Dana Air have on Passengers with Reduced mobility?
In cases where passenger cannot move from one point to another unaided, a companion is required and a second ticket should be booked for the individual.
Are there charges to be paid for wheelchair passengers?
No. Passengers are only required to book and pay for flight tickets.
Will Dana Air provide wheelchair for Passengers with Reduced mobility?
Passengers are allowed to bring a wheelchair but in cases where a passenger does not have one, one can be provided for such a passenger if adequate information on passenger condition and requirements is provided.
Are there any restrictions on what kind of passenger with Reduced mobility Dana Air can accept?
Due to our aircraft specifications, passengers who are completely immobile will not be accepted as we do not have the facilities to accommodate such passengers.
Can I book a ticket for a Wheelchair passenger over the counter?
Tickets can be booked across the counter but preferably, we would require that we are informed at least 72 hours before the flight time to enable us arrange the necessary equipment for the passenger.
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